13 Healthy Substitutes To Satisfy Your Sweet And Savoury Cravings

I love food. You can ask anyone from my family to my clients. But, recently I’ve been feeling the urge to eat healthier. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the junk food I listed here, so I’m not going to be one of those health freaks telling you that everything is them is horrible.. we already know that..! But, the healthy alternative options I listed are actually SUPER amazingly delicious. I picked out for you a simple list of healthy alternative to your favourite foods that are EASY TO MAKE.

1. Brownie —-> Almond Joy Bar

Via detoxinista.com

Skip the chocolatey brownies for chocolatey almond joy bars!
Recipe here

2. Candy —-> Dried Fruit

Via ecx.images-amazon.com

Sweet tooth? Love candy? When you go to grab something small and sugary, replace your candy with dried fruits.

3. Vanilla Cake —-> Angel Food Cake

Via recipeshubs.com

Cake can easily be substituted with Angel food cake.. and it’s so low in calories you can honestly eat it til you’re full.
Recipe Here

4. Frozen treats —-> Blueberry Yogurt Creamsicle

Via fullhartinsurance.com

Popsicle cravings are hard to ignore, so make your own yogurt and blueberry creamsicles!
Recipe Here

5. Creme —-> Mango Brulee

Via flouronmyface.com

People over? Need a fancy-ish dessert? Skip creme brulee and replace it with mango brulee!
Recipe Here

6. Sundae —-> Yogurt Parfait

Via chatelaine.com

Sundae no, yogurt muesli and berry parfait … yes.
Recipe Here

7. Fried Springroll —-> Vietnamese Chicken Avocado Springroll

Via halfbakedharvest.com

Omg I love these… well, both. But I am replacing the deep fried version with the vietnamese chicken and avocado springrolls. yummmm.
Recipe Here

8. Jalapeno Poppers —-> Spinach Mushroom Caps

Via realsimple.com

Jalapeno poppers are easy go to snacks when friends come over. BUT try these delicious spinach an cheese stuffed mushrooms for both a healthier and classier appetizer.
Recipe Here

9. Shepherd’s Pie —-> Tuna Tartare

Via norecipes.com

I know it’s not the same as shepherd’s pie… it’s better!!!! Tuna tartare … no more explanation needed.
Recipe Here

10. Lasagna —-> Eggplant Lasagna

Via nomnompaleo.com

Try this brisket eggplant lasagna tonight over the cheesy regular lasagna!
Recipe Here

11. Creamy Soups —-> Pho

Via runningwithtweezers.com

Replace creamy soups like this bacon clam chowder with PHO! Pho is so high is vitamins, minerals and lovely adorable heart-warming taste that you’ll fall in love with it at first slurp.
Recipe Here

12. Pizza —-> Grilled Tomato Tartines

Via bbcgoodfood.com

Pizza is probably my favourite food, but its so greasy… Try these pizza tartines to settle your pizza craving. This makes both a great lunch and fast dinner!
Recipe Here

13. Kraft Dinner —-> Greek Yogurt Spinach Mac & Cheese

Via cookingalamel.com

Kraft dinner is kind of my dirty little secret… but I decided to try this greek yogurt mac & cheese with spinach… actually super good!
Recipe Here

I hope you liked my list of foods. Happy eatings!





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