3 Savage Ways to Spend Canada Day Weekend in Toronto (GTA)

1. Queen’s Plate

Via wagjag.com

The Queen’s Plate at Woodbine Racetrack is July 3rd and brings with it a slew of ladies and gents dressed in their finest. Also, they get drunk and watch a horse race. Still, this event is cool for Canadians who wish to have a little taste of English heritage.

horse1Via The Toronto Star

Tickets are on sale for $22.50, you can visit the site here.
Get your hats and fascinators ready for a ride.

Via suitablesuits.org

2. Summer Camps for Adults

Reminiscing about years past? That final camp night where you had your first kiss under the starlit sky and then never saw that person again?

You can relive that and more at an Adult Summer Camp this summer. Kid-free, open bars, and all the camp fun and games you remember!

Via travelandleisure.com

Enjoy the freedom of showering outside, or simply taking a dip in the lake — Okay, gross.. please shower.

Via thrillist.com

There are quite a few camps in Ontario or nearby, prices range from $300.00 to $1500.00 for 3 to 8 day stays. Average prices are $450.00 to $750.00 ish. You can find out more about the camps here.

Get your bug spray, throw a bunch of comfy clothes in a duffle bag and go!

Via gettyimages.ca

3. Punch Patio Party

Been looking at your deck or patio and thinking “That’s a nice space, I should do something with it”. Well, get out there and motivate yourself to spruce it up by planning a patio party. Go to garage sales on the weekend and cheap home-ware stores to find things to spruce it up. Get creative. No point in having a nice patio if you’re not going to utilize the space.

patio1Via rilane.com

Take your living room outdoors or make your own mid summer night’s dream.


Via brit.co

Get your weekend on this summer and enjoy yourselves!!

Via pinterest.com



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