Business & Brand Content

Nourishing your website with organic, original content makes your site more trustworthy and viable not only to the consumers reading it, but also to search engine spiders who rank websites’ reliability and trustworthiness based on several criteria, the main one being web content. By providing your audience with tailor-made web content, you can be sure there will be no other website with the same content. The Translating Canadian’s creative writing techniques mean you can choose to stay professional and to the point, or create rich and dynamic material to captivate your audience.

Translation Services

French & English Translations, or Italian into English Translation. Not your typical translation! As you may know, when translating from one language to another the meaning, feeling, and sense of words and phrases can sometimes get literally “lost in translation”. That is why the Translating Canadian never simply translates content from its original language, but keeps the essence of the brand image. So, whether your content cracks jokes, stays professional, or lingers on romantic, you can be sure that the feelings you want to convey remain intact.

Search Engine Optimization

This goes one step further than original content writing and takes a deeper look into the structure of your website. Here, the keyword make-up of your webpages’ titles and descriptions is analyzed and, if needed, reconstructed so that your site can hold a better ranking in search engine searches. Various analytical tools are used to analyse your current website’s ranking situation, then recommendations are made for its improvement. The Translating Canadian does not do technical site audits.

Social Media

Social media management for the following sites is available to clients who wish to communicate with their target market on a more personal level; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. What better way to ease into the English-speaking market than by connecting one-on-one with your audience to test the waters in a new market? Or, maybe your brand is already well-established and you’re looking for someone to keep people engaged and to answer consumer questions about your brand! Social media campaigns vary in length and involvement depending on the client’s specific needs.